007: Plus Size Brides w/ Shafonne Myers of Pretty Pear Bride

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This podcast episode is all about plus size brides! I’m joined by Shafonne Myers who is the owner and CEO of the word’s only magazine for plus size brides, Pretty Pear Bride. Shafonne is a certified wedding and event planner and has a biology degree so she knows the real science behind love too!

During this episode chat about the best place to find plus size wedding gown, what to consider when trying on gowns and thinking about sizing and alterations. We also talk about bridesmaid trends, tips for plus size posing, shape wear vs lingerie and the ultimate tips of plus size brides. There is so much great info in this podcast you don’t want to miss it!


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Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness. contact@bigcurvylove.com

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