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I’ve always wanted to do pole dancing class as it’s a skill that will surely round out my repertoire in my quest for Big Curvy Love. Tragically, I had resigned myself to the fact that this would never happen due my inability to launch my big booty in the air! As a plus size woman I also wondered what to wear to class and where to buy it. I did some research on plus size pole dancing clothes and found some good stuff so click here if you’re interested in looking sexy too. That was until I discovered this amazing plus size pole dancing video 

Big Girl Working It On The Pole To The Weekend: The Zone!

Wow! That Plus Size Pole Dancer has got it and damn it I’m gonna be like her and twerk that pole for all its worth!! I don’t even care about the stripper pole equivalent of chub rub bruising the inner thighs. I’ll consider it a badge of honor on my journey to be a plus size provocateur.

I got my GROUPON and signed up for an 8 week Pole Dancing course.  I thought I’d ask a professional instructor if she had many inquiries from potential Plus Size Pole Dancers or if most gals, like myself, were also reluctant to wrap their luscious limbs around the pole. Was I too fat to pole dance? That’s what I really wanted to know so I asked the pole dancing teacher Bella from Bella’s Pole Studio’s and here’s what she said:

I get a lot of questions from larger girls asking if they can or even if they should give pole dancing a try.  I’ve seen large women flying around the pole and creating wonderful friendships and great memories in my classes and remember smaller ladies are just as scaredI say to them “you are only ever limited by yourself!” Don’t feel discouraged by your size or age.  You have every right to take up space in a pole dancing class or anywhere else you so choose! So don’t feel that pole dancing is something you cannot do, it is!

First week of class is next week so standby for more posts on my Plus Size Pole dancing pursuits.

Here are some sexy pole dancing outfits you might like but if you’re in it for fitness then click WHAT TO WEAR TO POLE DANCING CLASS  for info what to wear!

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  1. Yes. Yes I have. It is crazy fun. I am terrible at it. These are things you will soon think about in different ways:

    Shaving cream
    Hair spray
    Being upside down
    How much your arms can possibly hurt

    Oh and I cannot stress this enough. Wear short shorts. You won’t be able to grip unless you have bare skin. The place sounds really supportive so I wouldn’t worry too much. I always felt fine at class.

    Good luck and fill us in!


  2. I’ve been pole dancing for 4 years and was plus size when I started (pole single handedly has resulted in 15kg weight loss). It’s a world of fun even though you’ll feel pain like no other. When you’re upside down holding on with one knee or one hand you realise just what your body is capable of and gain a whole new level of confidence and respect for what it can do.

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  5. I’m plus size and just started pole dancing/fitness myself and I’m in love..yes I’m sore in so many ways but I was so wore out by the end of the night I didn’t care. I’m hoping that in 6 wks I can climb that pole..YES lifting that booty in the air is hard but I seen many plus size woman work that pole so I said to myself there’s no excuse..just keep trying!

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