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A few Big Curvy Lovers have asked what ‘Chub rub’ is after my mentioning it in the holiday hookups post. Some of us curvy girls get it and some of us don’t. Chub rub is nasty chafing and sweat rash between the thighs, usually when it’s hot. Personally, I don’t remember a time when my thighs didn’t kiss each other and for me it’s not just a summer issue, its year round.

If  I’m making a quick trip to the  shops for 10 minutes in air conditioning I’ll be fine to wear a dress or skirt bare legged but anything longer than that and the chub WILL  rub. It’ll start with a burning and stinging sensation between my thighs that will quickly morph into  a painful red rash then I’ll barely be able to walk and  look like a complete knob while I’m waddling around like bow legged cowboy in an attempt to stop my thighs attacking each other under my skirt.

So you can understand why for decades I never went  bare legged under dresses and skirts! That was until my sister introduced me to the magic ‘chub rub’ cream and now I can frolic twirling my skirt all summer long.  My sis hates me calling it CHUB RUB and refers to it as DANCING CREAM! The one I use is called NEAT 3B but I’m also heard good things about MONISTAT, MISSION SKINCARE and DZ NUTS too.

I’m still a huge fan of 3/4 black leggings (which I have at least 5 pairs of on rotation) but sometimes its just too damn hot to wear them  plus I’m going to a fancy event in a cocktail dress or on a date then I use the ‘chub rub’ cream and slip a sneaky tube in my handbag just in case I need a reapplication later. I also tend to leave a tube in my car during summer so I can always feel as though I have a backup plan if it starts to wear off after a few hours.

Other solutions I’ve heard of are roll-on deodorant, baby powder, stockings, shape wear and bike shorts. However, I tend to stick with the cream and the leggings. I’ve posted a few links below if you want to give some of the cube rub creams a try. Feel free to report back on which ones you like best!



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