PLUS SIZE FITNESS – Exer-Gaming Dance Off

Just Dance 2 Big Girls
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So you want to get fitter but aren’t a fan of gyms? How about getting your groove on at home and  try EXER-GAMING!  You don’t have to get properly dressed but I do suggest throwing on your sneakers because after a good 20 minute workout your feet might hurt a bit if you go hard core ( I speak from experience after rocking out bare foot and regretting it). Also if you get  the CHUB RUB like me, you may want to put on your leggings.

If you already have a gaming console at your place then you’re in business as all you need is the game. My personal favorite is the  JUST DANCE 2  mainly because I love this track:  Mika’s BIG GIRLS (this was the song that inspired me to buy a Wii and the game.) You can get the game on other consoles too so.  I adore the plus size avatar in the video she’s really cute and also has some really great moves you might want to steal and add to your  dance floor repertoire. 

You can buy the games and consoles on Amazon (I’ve posted a link to a few fun games below) or test it out at a friend’s place to see if you like it. 

There’s also the Dance Dance Revolution  game that has a ‘dance mat’ you step on just like in the arcade game. I really love that but have been mindful of my heavy stomping on the neighbors below. However, I’ll admit I’ve had loads of super fun Friday nights ‘exer-gaming’  with friends (not that I knew it was exercise at the time). I’m sure the wine and cheese offset the exer-gaming benefits anyway! The vino sure improved my dance moves though!   Did anyone say multi-player dance off this weekend?? YES!

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