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I’d never heard of Lagenlook Fashion it until recently being invited to take a loot at  I Dare to Be so if this is your first time hearing about it too, here’s a quick introduction and explanation of what it’s all about.

What Is Lagenlook Fashion?

Lagenlook translated into English simply means “layering look.” It’s a German word and the style has been popular in Europe for a long time. Layering your clothing can be a way of disguising imperfections and creating your very own unique style of dressing. Collections are designed to layer, two, three, four even five layers work! The Lagenlook is an easy fashion fit for the plus size woman.

Why Lagenlook is So Great

All body types from petite to plus size can wear the Lagenlook. It’s a fantastic way to express colour, style and mix and match prints and textures. The Lagenlook is often seen as a living work of art that changes with each wardrobe combination one crafts. The look has an element of modern nostalgia harking back to Victorian and Edwardian dressing.

I Dare to Be

Is a champion of plus size Lagenlook clothing for the “discerning woman who dares to be individual.” I Dare to Be sells edgy and fabulous, unstructured/semi structured, comfortable clothing. The Lagenlook isn’t a mainstream style and is far more creative and a non-conformist. Designs are beautiful wearable works of art with asymmetric lines, crushed fabrics, luxury yarns and quirky detailing. Here’s a few items from their range.

“Never Show My Arms” Black Lace

A lot of plus size women are worried about showing their upper arms off. Here’s something I’ve never seen before and will make a lot of women feel at ease. Thanks I Dare to Be!It’s a sleeve piece to wear underneath sleeveless dresses.

It’s so innovative and versatile and is an easy change making an outfit go from day to night. This very well could be the new secret of plus size fashion and a great confidence builder. This little number is so light and doesn’t crease so you you can keep it with you in your bag to wear at a moments notice. The sleeves clip to the bra strap and fasten at the front. I love this element of the Lagenlook.

never show my arms lagenlooklagenlook I dare to be never show my arms

Kamuflage Fabulous Fine Net Trumpet Top

From the I Dare to Be Lagenlook Evening and Party Wear Department. This layering top is from Kamuflage. A very fine stretchy black viscose net fabric, round neckline, long sleeve and flare shape. Finishing with rows of three-dimensional frills edged in contrast taffeta.

I Dare to Be Kamuflage


Hebbeding Winter Red Tunic/Dress

From the I Dare the Be Funky Layering Tunics Department. With a soft drop cowl neckline and long sleeves. The tunic/dress has a flared a-line shape ending in a flat hemline. Horizontal double strip detail on the lower section of the dress, matched on the cuff add a unique detail.

I Dare to Be Hebbeding

Turbulence Charcoal Pinstripe Wide Leg Trouser

These Lagenlook pants from I Dare the Be are perfect for the office and also multifunctional. They’re crafted from fine woven wool fabric in charcoal with a subtle grey pinstripe.  The uncluttered wide leg style is wonderful for the plus size woman  and works well with a  long coat or Lagenlook jacket.

  • I dare to be lagenlook trouser


Champagne Check & Roses Lagenlook Jacket

I Dare to Be has presented us with a fabulous layering jacket  with a wide curve collar and lapel, two button front closure that then cuts away to the hemline. Long sleeves and two front pockets, the unlined style is super for day or evening. This Lagenlook jacket is finished with a group of black applique stylised roses detailing.

I dare to be Lagenlook Jacket

For more Lagenlook style check out I Dare To Be. You’ll be amazed by what you find in their range. If you’re especially worried about your upper arms I highly recommend the innovative “Never Show My Arms” Black Lace.


Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
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    Hi Kelly,

    This is a fab article about layering, something I’m a fan off and a few of the brands I stock on Vida Moda are German and are designed with layering in mind. It’s quite a different approach and can look really fabulous particularly with Autumn and Winter outfits. I’ve shared your post on our facebook page as I’m sure our fans will appreciate it too!


    • Jay
    • May 24, 2014

    Hi Kelly
    I note you are an Aussie in LA. I`m a Brit in Oceanside, San Diego. Please have a look at my website: Everything we design & make is made in California, using fabrics also manufactured here. & We have been producing Lagenlook designs since 2007.

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