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As the editor of a plus size blog its important for us to honor the women who are working hard to be role models and also paving the way for future plus size women in the media.  Aussie Plus size celebrity Rebel Wilson is known for being fun and fearless. She’s had a huge year which is why she’s one of Big Curvy Love’s finalists for the title of 2013 Plus Size Woman of the Year Here are a few of Rebel Wilson’s outstanding moments that we loved.

Hosting MTV Movie Awards

Rebels first stint as MTV Movie Awards host was a huge hit! Her first outfit of the night was a skin-tight leather catsuit. 

Rebel Wilson MTV Movie Awards

Almost Arrested at LAX Airport over Designer Handbag

Rebel Wilson was on her way back to Australia to spend Christmas with her family when a big spanner was thrown in the works by a LAX security guy. Rebel reckons she was almost put behind bars after being accused her of carrying a fake Alexander McQueen handbag. Is there anything more insulting to a celebrity than saying they can’t afford a posh handbag? Hello Rebel has her own network show! How did Rebel deal with this? On Twitter of course she loves to share the wealth. Here are her tweets:

Super Fun Night

You  know you’ve made it in America when you get your own sitcom! Well done Rebel Wilson you little Aussie legend. The show has had a rough trot with critics and we can’t wait to see how it fares in 2014.

Super Fun Night

On wearing Spanx: ‘I feel my lunch in my throat’

Cover of Glamour UK Magazine

The gorgeous Rebel Wilson graced the cover of Britain’s number one women’s magazine ‘Glamour’ this year and got her kit off wearning nothing but bubbles and jewels for her cover girl shoot. This cover made headlines around the world as a departure from her regular plus size red carpet look.


Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet

At an award show where the trophy is a surfboard what should a plus size celebrity wear? A custom made wetsuit of course! Rebel Wilson not only dressed for the part she also went home with her very own surfboard for her role as Fat Amy in Pitch Perfect. Rebel totally won the night until she told a joke about boy band one Direction that was bleeped out but I love her all the more for that!

Rebel Wilson Teen Choice Awards 2013

Celebrity weight pact with Melissa McCarthy

Two Hollywood heavyweights decided to make a ‘weight pact’ NOT to lose weight and conform to Hollywood’s beauty myth in order to secure starring roles. Big Curvy Love reckons that Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy are two plus size celebrities doing pretty well on their own. Both the women are much loved and great representations of successful plus size women. Rebel has always said that it is because she doesn’t fit the Hollywood look that she has scored roles.

Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy Weight Pact

Plus size dating

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