LOUIS C.K. Fat Girl Episode

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Let’s talk about the Louis C.K. Fat Girl episode on FXs Louie. Okay so it’s official title is “So Did the Fat Lady” and it’s about about the hardships of plus size dating in your 30s.

Here’s what happened: Vanessa played by Sarah Baker is a fat waitress and asks Louie out. He repeatedly says no but finally agrees. Cut to the fat girl soliloquy starting with”On behalf of all the fat girls, I’m making you represent all of the guys.”

Media outlets are calling the fat girl episode of Louis “brutally honest”  and a “ground breaking” TV moment for body image. I understand what Louis as a writer is trying to point out about the plight of the plus size women on the dating scene and in the media. He stands by quietly and ‘takes it’ but it still feels like a big fat guilt trip.

Vanessa is fun, cool, smart,  sexy and talks about how men like Louis will sleep with fat girls but won’t actually date them. There’s a lot more to it and if you still haven’t watched the 7 minute clip I suggested you give it a red hot go. Even if you have watched it read the rest of the post and look again with a different set of eyes.

Seriously the Vanessa and Louis interaction falls under Big Curvy Love’s rules in Don’t Date Him Curvy Girl. I think everyone has missed the point on this Louie C.K. Fat Girl  episode. It shouldn’t be about why Louis won’t date Vanessa but more about why Vanessa wont’ date Louis!

I have first hand experience with it on my 50 Fat Dates quest but if  in the Louis C.K. wanted to actually be groundbreaking he should have just dated Vanessa!

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Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness. contact@bigcurvylove.com
    • Fiona
    • May 13, 2014

    This was heartbreaking to watch and listen to because she was saying everything I believe deep down. Oh I try and kid myself that it snot true, not all guys are like that and reference chubby chasers in my head. But the reality is she’s right. I have no trouble getting sex, I’m told I’m beautiful and charming. But for years it plays out the same, they aren’t interested in a relationship with me, for me to be out in public with them, to be seen with them…..its always//”lets just stay in, cuddle on the couch or I have to work late, can’t I just pop over later. Its so frustrating, infuriating. I know I’m totally awesome and any guy would be lucky to have me by his side, but so many that find the extra curves a massive turn on in the bedroom can’t stand by that attraction in the light of days. That comes down to peer and societal pressure. Plain and simple. I was once told the joke and it made everything clear….Fat girls are like scooters, great fun to ride but you;d never want your mates to see you on one. We need to continue to broaden the construct of what beautiful and attractive is……rant over, hahaha!

      • Michelle
      • May 22, 2015

      Maybe if you weren’t so arrogant you’d get more dates and would stop being treated like a cum dumpster :/ Seriously: “I know I’m totally awesome and any guy would be lucky to have me by his side,”. Not even super models say things like that. You’re a below average girl, who are you to say whether or not you’re lucky to be with, that’s something others say about you not something you say about yourself. Chances are if you’re the only one saying that then it’s probably not true.


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