Hi I’m Kelly Glover. I’m an Aussie gal living large in Hollywood. Thanks for visiting my fabulous plus size blog Big Curvy Love! If you were a guest at my place we’d luxuriate in big fluffy white robes and lounge around watching TV and chatting while drinking champagne and eating chocolate dipped strawberries

Here at Big Curvy Love the focus is on living an amazing life regardless of where you are on the scales and where you want to be. Since I’m a single gal in my thirties and looking for love I’ve been sharing my  50 Fat Dates quest. Want to hear the story so far? Catch up here.

Anything else can be found on the FAQ page or you can e-mail me here: kelly(at) bigcurvylove.com


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    I see you are new to the blogging world too! Welcome! From one plus size babe to another I am so happy to see another advocate for self love. I am totally going to follow your blog and use your journey as inspiration for my own journey. I hope you will check me out too and use me as a resource as well. Us curvy gals gotta stick together in starting a revolution. :)

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      Thanks for the visit – glad you like the blog!!

    • Matthew Little
    • October 4, 2012

    Just have to say I really admire what you’re doing. Your blog is great, keep it up.
    Bring on the curvy revolution!
    Sincerely from Australia -Matt

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    Great blog! I look forward to reading your future posts.

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    This is awesome Kelly! Ok, since I’ve arrived in the States, where do you buy plus size clothes? I’m an Aussie size 14/16 which I think is American size 10/12. I could fit into most Aussie stores but lots of the cool shops here don’t seem to go to my size. Please do a post on where to shop for curvier ladies! Also you look beautiful as always and I’ll look foward to following your blog! Love Soph

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