Date #16 The Accidental Date

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I’m finally biting the bullet and preparing to start shooting 50 Fat Dates videos so set up a meeting with a college alum to get his advice. We met a few years ago when he reached out to me as a new arrival in LA. We have a similar frame of reference as we have a college professor in common and did the same degree program. He’s gone on to be an editor and I went on to be a radio announcer turned blogger.

We met in Santa Monica after work on a Thursday evening and chatted about the 50 Fat Dates project. As far as I knew he had a super long term girlfriend so I didn’t think of this being anything other than a friendly business meeting. I have him an overview and update on what I was doing, how the dates had gone so far and admitted that I really needed to be more proactive in setting up at least one date a week if not more. While I love the project I sometimes get bogged down in all the online dating site in-box messaging and all that goes with it.

He countered with “Well, this is a date, isn’t it?”

I wasn’t expecting that response and said, “I thought you and a girlfriend/ fiance situation?”

Damn it! I’m not the think-before-you-speak kind of person. He laughed and said they had broken up a while ago, “I’m single.Very single!”

I needed a moment  to reconcile A) What I thought about him as a date B) What I’d already said in my ‘he’s already taken so it doesn’t matter what I say’ mindset.

This was starting to feel like a hangover where you have flashes of what you’ve said and done the night before and start to piece the story together. Oh no! I’d already invited myself to go with him to his weekly trivia night. I’d talked about marriage, kids, my ‘running out of time’ fear, ex-boyfriends and sex stuff! We’d talked about Dan Savage’s Lovecast (hence the sex stuff), The weird fetish FeetGuy message I got on OKCupid, and the fact that he likes Project Runway!

Ooh Project Runway. Maybe this could go somewhere. I’d always thought he was attractive! He is a big guy and looks like he could fit in as one of the Chubstr beard guys. He has bright blue eyes, is tall so I feel really safe with him. I liked that he was from the midwest. We had both gone to the same college and he is an uncle.

If we went out again would that be the first date? Oh, that’s right he said this was the first date.  Oh God, if this was a date how many dates had I been on in my life and not known it? I seriously needed to sit down with a notebook and have a rethink of my dating life.

We finished up the night with a hug and I said “So you really want to be on of my 50 Fat Dates?” He replied “Sure, but you can’t film it! I like to be on the other side of the camera.”

What will happen next? Not sure! I’ll tell you after I go to trivia night.

50 Fat Dates Recap 

My Outfit: Dress via Gwynnie Bee

His Outfit: Jeans and T shirt.

Meeting Place: Santa Monica

Beverages: Pints of beer

The Conversation: College, work, his ex, Project Runway, 50 Fat Dates, is this a date?

The date lasted: 2+ hours

The date ended: He walked me to my car.

Second Date? I hope so!