Aussie Curves Challenge Fears Exposed

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This week’s Aussie Curves challenge is ‘fears exposed.’ My biggest fear as a plus size pear shaped woman is wearing a boydcon dress. Even though I absolutely love them, the style just doesn’t suit my shape so I’ve always stayed away steered clear. However, in the spirit of this Aussie Curves challenge I decided to face my plus size fashion fear and wear a bodycon dress for the first time. Yep, it’s another one of my Gwynnie Bee plus size wardrobe rentals.

I really wanted to ‘own it’ so here the pic of me doing my best “yeah I’m wearing a really tight bodycon dress so ‘what are you lookin’ at!?’ fattitude model face. Do you reckon I pulled it off? 


Its very clingy around my stomach and I actually think the pink and purple in the middle accentuates my stomach which is the area I am most conscious of when wearing a bodycon dress. As much as I wanted to face my fear I just couldn’t pull this look off without adding my go-to belt as a way to add definition and shape. I do, however, love the black color block down the middle and on the shoulders.

Even though the bright colors on the front is a bit much in the stomach area it really pays off on the back (look at my big booty). This turned a lot of heads when I wore and walked down Sunset Blvd for the first time. I kinda love this pic.

Aussie Curves Kelly Glover 4

This dress has a super fun ombre effect geometric pattern that goes from silver to pink. I just love the print (and my bouncy big bum.) See the big stretch belt really does help. See all my Gywnnie Bee looks from my monthly subscription and get a 30 day free trial.

Aussie Curves Kelly Glover 2

As far as styling goes, there’s a lot going on in this dress with all the patterns and colors so I put my hair up in a big fashion bun and ditched any jewelry. The dress really speaks for itself so the less is more philosophy works with this outfit.

Aussie Curves Kelly Glover 3

There you have it. I wore a bodycon dress and the world didn’t explode. Fear faced and Aussie Curves challenge complete! What’s your biggest fashion fear?


Dress: London Times Elbow Sleeve Printed Shift Dress size 22 via Gwynnie Bee.

Check out my Gwynnie Bee review (I got 21 items in 2 months on a 3 item plan.)

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Belt: Autograph Fashion

Photographer: Tamara Baldwin

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
  1. I’m in love with the colours in this dress. They have been my absolute fashion jam lately. You look great! And I totally know how scary a bodycon is :O

    1. Thanks Kobi! This dress is def my colour palette :)

    • Katie
    • September 27, 2014

    this dress is fabulous!! I think you should rock it more often!

    1. Thanks Katie :) I’m still a bit shy with the bodycon dresses but i’m working on it.

  2. Great dress! You pull it off with style. I wear belts with almost all my dresses. Adore my big stretchy belts. xoxo

    1. Yvonne, the belt cost me $10 from Autograph and its the thing I wear most! I love it.

  3. I love these colours on you! I really like that you’ve paired this with a belt, I’m totally going to try a wide belt with my bodycon dress now! xo

    1. Meagan, that stretchy belt has changed my fashion game so much. It cost me $10 from Autograph and I used to be worried that I wore it so much but then realized that because its black its not the focus of the outfit :)

  4. Ok, so I love the dress, am in love with your fattitude face, am totally stealing the word ‘fattitude’ and am so freaking jealous that there is no Gywnnie Bee in Australia!

    1. I’d love to say I invented the term ‘fattitude’ but its been around a while (still use it though :) OMG Gwynnie Bee is awesome! Surely someone in oz will do it soon too xoxo

  5. Ooo… geo and ombre. Love! You look fantastic and you totally pulled off the model face ;-)

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