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This week’s Aussie Curves challenge is to showcase my favourite piece. I’ve never been able to pull off the retro pinup look as the dresses generally look like a costume and don’t suit my plus size pear shape. That was until I discovered Cherry Velvet via Gwennie Bee. 

Aussie Curves Favourite Piece 2

I just adore this super cute A-line dress and remember debuting it on a Sunday morning and received a compliment from the first person I saw. The positive comments haven’t stopped. Actually, the first time I wore it the car service guy installed my blinker light bulb for free instead of charging $15.  I honestly think it was due to my wearing this dress. 

Aussie Curves Kelly Glover

Its a scoop neck design with a knotted cutout in the back. I was happy to be able to wear my regular bra and didn’t have a problem with any bra straps pooping out which was nice. See all my Gywnnie Bee looks from my monthly subscription and get a 30 day free trial.

Aussie Curves Favouite Piece Back

At 5″3′ this dress is the perfect length for my frame.  I always treat myself to a twirl whenever I wear it no matter what.  The fabric is a nice thick cotton so I feel quite ‘safe’ in this frock and its not clingy. Its honestly just super fun to wear and have pockets on a dress.

Aussie Curves Kelly Glover 2

I even wore it to the season premiere of Go Curvy and everyone loved it! Here’s a pic of me doing a twirl on set showing it off host Sherry Lee Meredith, and my fellow Spicy Girl Talk panelists  Joanne Rallo  and Dellany Pease.

Gwynnie Bee


Dress- Cherry Velvet “Brigitte in Purses Galore” size 3x via Gwynnie Bee.

Check out my Gwynnie Bee review (I got 21 items in 2 months on a 3 item plan) click here to sign up ($10 for the first month) 

Photographer – Tamara Baldwin

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
  1. Ohhh, what I love frock! I love bold pattern prints & this is a stunner. Yes, twirl is most certainly mandatory.

    1. I just LOVE it. Everyone should have a dress they love this much :)

    • Katie
    • September 17, 2014

    super cute frock!

    1. Thanks Katie :)

    • Makere Ngaropo
    • September 17, 2014

    I’m jealous that you can order from Gwynnie Bee lol!!

    • Alison
    • September 17, 2014

    I love, love, love this dress! Love the back detailing and the colours and pockets!?! Hello! I know what you mean about retro wear, some of it is hard to wear in the “regular” world without looking like you’re performing in a stage show, but this one crosses over brilliantly!

    1. Yeah, A lot of the pinup stuff looks like ‘dress up’ and ‘costumes’ but this one is perfect for me. There’s always something for everyone :)

    • Alison
    • September 17, 2014

    Awww man, just went the Gwynnie Bee website, how awesome is that!?! I’m moving to the US so I’d definitely be buying stuff from that site when I get there!

    1. Hi Alison, Yes, do the 30 day free trial! What city are you moving to?

      1. Don’t know if you can call it a city! Ellensburg, WA, 90 minutes from Seattle. My partner is a scientist and he’s got a posting at Central Washington Uni, so it’ll be a change from Canberra that’s for sure!

  2. Super cute print, and I am also SUCH a sucker for a dress with pockets! <3

    1. This is my favouite dress!

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