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This week’s Aussie Curves challenge is ‘sparkle.’  I wanted to show how I added sparkle to an outfit so I could wear it to a wedding. Here’s the ‘before’ pic of the dress with the regular elastic belt, no necklace or lipstick.  This is another  Gwynnie Bee rental dress and the first one I bought for $35.

Aussie Curves

Here’s a pic at the wedding with more sparkle. I added  a black glitter ribbon that I bought from a craft shop and fashioned it into a sash and tied with a bow on the side. I also wore a flower in my hair, added a necklace and pink lipstick. See all my Gywnnie Bee looks from my monthly subscription and get a 30 day free trial.

Aussie Curves

Using craft ribbon instead of fabric meant it had a really nice multiple layered effect and the bow on the side stayed in place. As as side note, you can see the floral overlay on the dress which I love.  Since, I’m a pear shape my outfits need need to have a feature below the bust which is usually a belt, or the cut of the dress so my sparkly black sash added a nice flourish to the dress.

Aussie Curves sparkle

I thought you might like to see the amazing wedding cakes from the event too! The one on the top left is honey comb. Yum.

Aussie Curves Cakes

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
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    Such a great idea! So creative!

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    Ohh, I love how creative you were with the belt sash, and the flower is gorgeous too. and, OMG, that cake!!

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    The sash is a fab idea – you look great

  4. Reply

    Nomnom those cakes look fab… as do you! ;-)

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