Breaking Plus Size Fashion Rules – Stripes and Florals

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This dress breaks all the plus size fashion rules in one fell swoop, with a combination of black and white horizontal stripes and a bold tropical full floral skirt  it is not a pattern clash for the faint hearted. When I saw it on Gwynnie Bee I immediately closeted it knowing it’s not my regular style but wanting to take a risk and give it a try.
Plus size blog

Once I opened the box and tried it on it took me a while to decide whether I loved it or hated it. The skirt is absolutely gorgeous so that was instant winner but I wasn’t sold on the horizontal striped top so I decided to take it out for a public test run to gauge the reaction. plus size blog

I took a quick poll in the ladies restroom at the Crocker Club in Los Angeles (where else can you get an honest opinion at a downtown dating event.) The general consensuses was that the dress was fabulous and I’ll admit it really grew on me. I even took it for a twirl to test out the skirt and it was super fun.

plus size blog

In a million years I never would have thought this dress would suit me and I love it. See all my Gywnnie Bee looks from my monthly subscription and get a 30 day free trial.

Plus size blog

The verdict is that this is an awesome summer fun dress worth the risk. Breaking the plus size fashion rules is awesome.  plus size blog

Dress: Gwynnie Bee Plus Size Rentals 

Photographer: Ashby Arciero