Bursting With Love – Reality TV Show

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I recently saw the casting notice for Bursting With Love. Its a reality TV show based around the oh so shocking idea that a fit person (they really should say slim) could be attracted to a fat person.

Bursting With Love Reality Show

The ad describes romantic pairing as a ‘physically lop-sided relationship.’ What a ridiculous sentiment that people should only date look exactly the same and  only date their ‘own kind.’  By this rationale we should only date people who are the same height, hair and eye color and ethnicity.

The show pitches itself as being about ‘pride and liberation from societies stereotypes and not mean spirited.’ Lets remember the show title: Bursting with Love of course referring to the larger person in the couple who must be so fat they are bursting! Here are the full details:

Bursting with Love

Why is it so shocking that a fit guy could be attracted to a fat girl or that a fit girl could be attracted to a fat guy? What do you think?

  1. Hi Kelly! This is an interesting, albeit not so unique, concept. Didn’t they do an MTV special on this topic before? I’ve always been a bigger girl, but seem to always date what some might call “meathead” types. One of my last two boyfriends was a professional bodybuilder/fitness model, while the other was a registered dietician. For whatever reason, no one ever seems to give us a second look. I’m always the one with a problem with our “physically lop-sided” relationship, for whatever reason. I am encouraged by our society’s move toward a more body-positive atmosphere. Magazines like FabUPlus are a great start too! I’ll probably tune into this show if it ever airs… I’ll be curious to see if it lines up with my own experiences.

  2. Kelly, as a average “fit guy” if you will, I’ve never had a physical “girl type”. I’ve leaned more for women who’ve captured me with their heart and personality (queue slow romance music) . Seriously

    I will say that I do have an attraction for a more full figured woman – of all shapes. I want a woman to look like woman and feel like one. I’ve had issues in the past with the women sabotaging relationships because of my appearance. On one occasion, a gal abruptly ended our relationship with no cause to only within days, begin dating a heavier guy. [I believe she married him]

    No matter body size, some individuals are battling with a voice within that keeps them from enjoying relationships, life, people and themselves.

    It is not by coincidence that every single individual is born with a unique fingerprint, not one is alike. Within that same regard, believe it or nor, everyone has a different and unique desire for what they want in a partner. Including, whatever you want to label it – heavier, full figured, plus size women. I’ve never had a name for it other than – a “woman”. There is no life guide that steers anyone to a certain type, size or color.

    I say that everyone find there true value and know that you’re valuable.
    (cliche but true) Learn to Love yourself……..and believe it!
    When you do, you’ll attract those that are looking for what you have to offer.
    And believe me, we’re looking for it. I promise.

    I tell my all my friends, “be the best you and live it out, because someone’s wanting to have a piece of what you’ve got.”

    As to your 50 date challenge; you don’t have to kiss toads to find a prince……. you have to keep looking through the deck to find the king of hearts.

    Keep on Keeping on!