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Chub Rub has eaten every pair of jeans  and leggings I’ve ever owned and other than suddenly developing this fancy new ‘thigh gap’ that all the kids are tweeting about I’ll have to ‘prevent’ it rather than ‘eliminate’ it. Oh yes, the war on chub rub is real.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s Summer, Autumn, Winter or Spring I still get the chub rub no matter the temperature. My fabulous thick thighs rub together like two sticks sparking a fire and causing me never-ending grief. Chub rub is my fat girl nemesis and to prove it I’m offering up a photo of the latest victim – my plus size wardrobe staple the beloved black leggings.


chub rub

If I don’t put preventative measures in place then its burn baby burn between my legs making a painful and stinging red patch that sometimes bleeds that will leave me unable to walk normally.

While losing weight is always the number one suggestion to prevent chub rub I know people of all sizes who are often quite fit that get it when wearing shorts.  Rather than ‘solving’ the problem  (as I know it won’t disappear all on its own) I look at this as more of a ‘prevention’ tactic. So, how do you do it? There’s a few options starting with the type of clothing you wear.

I’m a big advocate of wearing capri length 3/4 leggings under dresses and skirts. It looks like part of your outfit and makes it much easier to prance around being fabulous on a daily basis. I have at least five pairs of black leggings on rotation and there’s always Bandelettes (sexy thigh bands).

You can also wear long pants but as previously mentioned the chub rub can still gradually wear through the jeans leaving a hole so I if I find jeans that fit me well I generally buy multiple pairs knowing that they have a certain shelf-life before the chub rub eats through them.

If you choose to go bare legged the do so at your own risk! If you apply preventative cream beforehand you’ll be fine but remember to take the tube with you as you may need to re apply every few hours. Here’s a few of the top chub rub solutions on Amazon.

Tell me Big Curvy Lovers – how do you deal chub rub? Do you use products or dress for it? Share the love and let me know



Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
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    I use chub rub stix which is an all natural ingredient product! Can get on

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