Date #12 Brunch with the Spaniard

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50 fat datesJust when I was ready test out a different dating platform I receive a message from The Spaniard on OKCupid. He’s a music producer from Madrid who has recently moved to LA.  He wins the award for sending the best initial online message so far. He referenced things we have in common and sounds quite fun.

The Spaniard didn’t muck around and we set up a date for the following day. I LOVE that he suggested Sunday brunch with bottomless mimosas!  I’m really hoping this 39 year old 5’7″ guy is as much fun as he looks. His pics show that he has a reddish beard and is balding. I think he has blue eyes? Can’t wait to chat with him about living in Madrid

His profile is really funny. The first thing he lists as something he could never do without is a sense of humor. I LOVE that. He says he likes being proved right, and being proved wrong. I feel the same way! Here’s my before the date pic at the apartment.

50 Fat Dates

The Sunday Brunch Date

I learned my lesson from the last two dates where I was uncomfortably sat at a high bar stool or on a squishy two person booth and decided to arrive early so I could suss out the seating situation. Of course, now that I was a half hour early there was no problem and all the tables were for four. I was still happy to have the luxury of time and chose a nice table and settled in with a coffee while I waited for The Spaniard.

He arrived 15 minutes later and I greeted him with a hug. So far on my quest, I’ve noticed guys don’t know how to handle the initial meeting so I find  the easiest thing to do is initiate a big hug which. We took a seat and ordered.

The Spaniard move to LA in September and is still finding his feet as a music producer. He has a really thick accent so I’ll be honest and say I understood about 80% of what he said. The rest of the time I laughed, smiled and had no idea.

He has bright blue eyes, a reddish beard with some grey peppered in. He’s not my normal ‘type’ by any means  but nothing about 50 Fat Dates is normal and I’m working really hard to get out of my comfort zone and date different types of men than I’d usually go for.

What is it with guys and big beards and how long is this trend going to last? I’m so not a fan of what I call the ‘bushranger’ beard but if I was to rule out all bearded guys in their thirties there would be barely any men left to date! I don’t mind a man with facial hair but i’m talking the really long bushy ones that scare me. There is always a piece of food that lands in there and giggles around for ages until it falls out. This really distracts me from the conversation as all I can do is look at the food bouncing in the beard.

After sharing a jug of mimosa’s (which was amazing) the lipstick was history. Here’s a sneaky pic mid-date from inside the bathroom at the brunch place.

Plus Size dating

So what was the outcome of this date? Yet again I didn’t feel the chemistry. Lovely guy but just not for me. In saying this, maybe my mistake is writing these guys off after only one date? I’ve decided to take The Spaniard on a double date with my friend Tam and her husband so they can help gauge the situation. This will be the first out of a dozen dates that has moved on to a second date.

What do you think? If you went on a date and the person was great but you didn’t feel the chemistry would you ditch and run (like I have been doing) or would you persist to see if anything could build?) Let me know i’d really love your feedback on this!

50 Fat Dates Recap 

What I wore: The pink dress (3rd time’s a charm) I bought it on Gwynnie Bee for $16! 

What he wore: Plaid shirt over a black t-shirt and jeans. 

Where we met: Brunch place in North Hollywood 

What we drank: Bottomless mimosas  (I had eggs benedict which were really yum!) 

We chatted about: Driving tests, Spain, travel, music, radio, and moving to LA. 

The date lasted: Noon- 3.30pm 

The date ended: He had work to do and so did I (plus we had been there for 3.5hrs!) 

Did he ask me out & would I date him again? Yes/thinking about it. 

What I learned: Maybe I shouldn’t write people off after just one date? Thinking about this. 

Next Date: TBA

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
    • TJ
    • September 22, 2015

    I definitely think you should do a second date Kelly. I’m recently back in the dating game and like you I’m going on dates with men I normally wouldnt. I went on a 2nd date with a guy last night that I got along with really well but not much chemistry. I don’t think there is going to be a 3rd date. Gave it a red hot try (there was kissing) but not getting my usual butterflies and he has 2 really young kids and recently separated. Ps loving your blog.

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    I think there should be a second date, first dates can be really awkward & the chemistry is not always instant. I found your blog through a review on GB & I LOVED reading about all your dates. Several years ago a friend of mine was ready to date again and she committed to going on 5 dates a week for a month (mostly from OK Cupid). She would text me sometimes during, but certainly always after the dates to tell me about the train wreck. However, during that month she met the man who is now her husband & they are fabulous together. I wish you well on your journey & am excited for you to meet a man you click with.

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