Date #7 The $100 Date – Part 1

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50 fat dates50 Fat Dates follows my plus size dating quest to find Big Curvy Love (girlfriend’s in her thirties and looking for a man…don’t judge.)  I’ve challenged myself to go on 50 dates over the course of  one year and share with you my dating stories, plus size dating tips and lessons learned. If this is your first visit make sure to catch up!~Kelly

I had an hour long phone call with date #7  from What’s Your Price! Its been two weeks since Dylan and I negotiated a price for the date. I started at $200 (as suggested in the Big Curvy Love reader poll)  he countered with $60 (which I rejected) and we came to an agreement of $100. Its quite a confronting question to face when asked “what’s your price?” and apparently a date with me is worth $100.

This is the first time I’ve spoken to a prospective date prior to meeting and was surprised the call went on so long. I really expected it to be a polite 10 minute call covering the basics of “Are you real? Are you a freak?” I usually like in person interactions rather than online chatter and phone calls but after the disastrous  Tinder Date I learned my lesson and made the call. This is part of my quest to try different approaches to dating.

I did NOT expect to get along with Dylan so well on the phone and was prepared for him to be an absolute creeper.  I still wonder what type of man pays for a date but I guess he thinks the same of me as I’m about to become the type of woman who gets paid for a date! About 30 minutes into the conversation I asked him about him being on a site where he pays women to date him.  He said that he used the website to access women who wouldn’t normally speak to him in every day life. Maybe he’s just a nerd most girls overlook? I don’t consider myself the type of woman who is ‘unaccessible’ to everyday guys on the dating scene so this was really interesting to me. I also wondered what type of gals he targeted for these paid dates. This is something we’ll have to discuss further.

Dylan was charming, well spoken and interesting on the phone. A couple of times an awkward nervous laugh slipped out, however, considering the situation tis understandable. He asked me about my elusiveness in making the phone call and I explained that “its because you might be the killer.” He laughed, agreed, and seemed okay with my explanation in protecting my privacy. Dylan explained that he liked to speak to the girls before the date in order to gauge if they were only after money. What’s Your  is a pay for play dating website so I would think quite a lot of women are there looking for a pay day. Isn’t that the point? Have I met the only man on the website looking for something else? Interesting. Dylan also mentioned that the girls he been on the site had all ended up as friendships. I feel this could also be the route I am about to take too and here’s why:

At one point I heard a loud crunching sound on the phone and asked “are you using a pepper grinder?” thinking he had just made a sandwich for. He did the awkward laugh and said no I’m chopping up my weed.” BLOODY HELL!!!!  There’s the deal breaker. Dylan was a stoner and the laugh was a weed induced giggle he was trying to mask. I should point out that he had listed himself as a non-smoker. It was all starting to become clear. He had mentioned he was flying  to Amsterdam this weekend and my immediate thought was “please don’t be a pot smoker.” Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to Amsterdam plenty of times and never smoked weed but its still the stereotype can comes to mind and in this case was true. Why do guys feel the need to NOT disclose they smoke weed and say they are a non-smoker?

Even though I was disappointed in that major lifestyle aspect  I kept the conversation flowing but I still felt the need to confirm that he understood I was plus size “you know that I’m fat right? I’m plus size. I just want to make sure you know.” Maybe this was because we were getting along so well and I felt the need to make sure he understood. This is something I need to get over as my profile pics are up-to-date and a true representation of what I look like in real life but I still don’t want to waste time. “Yes,” he said “I saw your picture and you look great!” Here’s the kicker. I don’t actually know what Dylan looks like as his profile as he only posted a partial facial shot. I can see that he has a beard and wears glasses. He is not the type of guy I usually date but this is 50 Fat Dates so I’m focusing on getting out of my comfort zone and dating all types of men. He sounded much younger than 37 so I’ll be interested in seeing what he is like in real life. Maybe he won’t look like his picture?

I don’t want to be a negative Nancy but I’m already wondering if he’s too much like a college student. I  should give him a chance but the weed is a problem. Maybe I should adhere to my own deal breakers and stop the date before it happens but maybe that’s not giving myself or him a chance? Also, I’m not feeling good about accepting the $100 for the date as I’ve already made a friendly connection, however,  in order to fulfill the full dating experience on What’s Your Price  I feel as though I have to go through the financial transaction.

What should I do:

A) The money: Cancel or go? 

B) The $100: Accept or decline? 

C) What do you think about the weed? 

I need your help!!!! 

  1. I love dating stories! The pot thing would be a deal breaker for me too. If the guy can’t hold off the weed long enough to take a phone call, what’s he going to be like later on? Plus, he lied about not smoking – not a good way to start a relationship. I say cancel.

  2. how funny – a date with the dude! you know it won’t work out, but do it anyway – it will be interesting and could be fun – look forward to reading about it!

  3. Women have too many rules when it comes to meeting men. Loosen up and don’t be so narrow-minded. Dump the ‘deal breakers’! And maybe he will give you a toke of his weed so you will RELAX and expand your MIND…

  4. Go for the experience. Don’t plan a relationship with him. It’s up to you about the $100.