Date #8 Part 1 The Lumbersexual

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50 fat dates50 Fat Dates follows my plus size dating quest to find Big Curvy Love (girlfriend’s in her thirties and looking for a man…don’t judge.)  I’ve challenged myself to go on 50 dates over the course of  one year and share with you my dating stories, plus size dating tips and lessons learned. If this is your first visit make sure to catch up!~Kelly


A film crew was shooting at my local cafe when I spotted Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. I’m a big fan of the show and wanted to find out the details so I could fill you guys in. I caught the attention of a crew member walking by who was wearing a black and red check shirt, jeans and had a well grown beard. “Hey woodchuck!” He laughed knowing what I meant, “Are you trying to say lumberjack?” I realized my mistake, “I was trying to say woodchopper but yes lumberjack that’s it!”

The lumberjack told me that it was an indie shoot and not Modern Family episode and asked me what I did in LA.  I showed him the Big Curvy Love site and found out he is from Iowa and working as a production assistant. He got called on the walkie talkie so I got back to work on the laptop and drinking my mocha.

As I was leaving the cafe when lumberjack ran over from the craft services table. “Hey, can I get your number?” I already liked him so it was an easy yes.  He showed me his that phone was almost dead and said he’d text when he got home from work.

True to his word I got a message a few hours later while I was at my friends Janis’s place having a glass of wine. I told her about the the next of my 50 Fat Dates “You’re going on a date with a lumbersexual. He’s a hipster. Let’s Google.”

We did and he pretty much looks exactly like this. Lumbersexual

Did I ever think i’d date a lumbersexual? No. But I’m actually looking forward to this date and here’s why. Firstly, he genuinely seems nice. Secondly, he texted me when he said he would and thirdly he set up a date for this Saturday.

In the past month I’ve been asked out by four other and gave two my number. Out of those two men both have texted me but neither have set a date and I flat out refuse to be the one to initiate. I’ve had one relationship where I’ve felt like the guy and I don’t want to do that again.

What I Learned: If a guy likes you and wants to see you again he will set a date.

What I’m Changing: From now on I’m implementing a 24 hour window for a man to text and set a date.

What I know about the Lumbersexual: He’s a production assistant from Iowa who dresses like a lumberjack. He’s quite tall and I’m guessing he’s in his mid twenties. I’ll find out more on Saturday and let you know how it goes.

Photo Credit: GramFeed 

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.

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