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There’s been a bunch of fat girl songs hit lately so I wanted to add a few to my fat girl anthem list. I already have the top 5 fat girl songs post but now there are some new contenders!

All About The Bass – Megan Trainer 

This is a huge song of the summer and all about booty some say its not body positive or feminist but for me its just a super fun pop song! I really don’t think too deeply about political agendas when I’m driving along smacking the beat.

Bubble Butt – Major Lazer

This one has been out a while and the film clip is so weird I wasn’t sure if I should post it ha ha. Anyway, there’s not time like now to showcase your bubble butt!

Muffin Top – Fitty Smallz 

The reason I know about this song is because of Fat Girl Dancing star Whitney Way Thore (who I think is super fab.) I’m always literally studying her butt in an effort to learn her booty shaking moves. and was super excited to see that she’s now the star of a music video. Again, there’s some opposition to her eating in the video but I think Whiney Way Thore does a great job and looks fabulous.

Whole Lotta Rosie – ACDC

This is not a new song but I didn’t list it on the original top 5 fat girl song list and a few readers suggested I add it so here it is.  ACDC is an Aussie band so of course I have to share!

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    • October 20, 2014

    Fat Bottom Girls~ Queen

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