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50 fat dates50 Fat Dates follows my quest to find Big Curvy Love (girlfriend’s in her thirties and looking for a man…don’t judge.)  I’ve challenged myself to go on 50 dates over the course of  one year and share my dating stories, plus size dating tips and lessons learned. If this is your first visit make sure to catch up!~Kelly


Looks like I was catfished by date #4 Drew in some type of big girl revenge date scheme (and to think we voted him in with 94% yes votes in the should I date him poll.)  On a positive note at least we know why he hasn’t texted or called since our date on Friday!

Check out this email I got from his girlfriend’s best friend. Yeah, you read that right! Drew has a girlfriend and her best friend emailed me filling me in on the real situation (which I’m grateful for) Brace yourselves this is a big one:

Hey Kelly,

I apologize right now for how long it is. I am writing on behalf of my friend who is actually “Drew’s” girlfriend. Normally I am not the type to reach out and do these things, but she is one of my closest friends and has asked me to do this because she is currently devastated. All weekend she has been with “Drew” (real name: xxxx) after she found out he went on a date on Friday night. He told her that he was going out with some guy friends, but when he met up with her later that night (presumably after your date) she knew something was up even though he kept denying, because he quickly came home and changed his blue dress shirt in front of her.

She later found your conversations on Facebook and confronted him and he said his ex-girlfriend reads the blog and he wanted to get back at her by being one of the dates (Ie: “The Perfect Date”) that she would eventually read about and realize what she’s lost. She was told by xxxx  that the date was just a “social experiment” to “validate his feelings for his exgirlfriend” and she forgave him even though there were signs throughout this entire weekend that he was lying about that and various other things. So today when she read your blog post, which she was tracking to make sure that xxxx was telling the truth, she realized he wasn’t and he had played you too and she felt awful about it from both ends.

She says she doesn’t want you to think that she is mad at you. She understands your experiment and thinks it is quite honorable, she simply wants to let you know that this guy isn’t what he says he is and you can decide for yourself if you still want to see him. She is tired of his games and honestly, I am glad this happened for her because now I think she finally see’s how much he has disrespected her and sometimes it takes something big like this to finally drive the point home. Since they’ve been dating, I have been trying to tell her something is not right and even through all of the signs (he still is hung up on his ex-girlfriend and talks to her daily, he hasn’t even told his ex girlfriend about his new girlfriend and they’ve been dating for a few months) so I think this finally hit the nail on the head. I know she and I would hate for you to fall into the trap as well.

If you need more to verify, please feel free to email me, my friend doesn’t want to reveal her identity and has asked that everything needs to be dealt thought me first. She has sent me some pictures to include as evidence. Two are of her and xxxx and the other is the ring he recently bought her to show their commitment. I hope this is all made clear as my friend woke me up from a deep sleep to write this (lol), so please let me know if you need more.

Thank you!


Good luck to Drew, his girlfriend, her best friend (who wrote the email and clearly cares for her friend) and a shout out to  Drew’s ex who is a fan of Big Curvy Love. I’ll leave it with you all to sort this out. Wow, 50 Fat Dates is turning out NOTHING like I thought it would! On to date #5! ~Kelly





Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness. contact@bigcurvylove.com
  1. WOWSERS! This is THE BEST blog EVER! You are my chubby hero Miss Kelly xx I wont lie I am a bit devo that ‘Drew’ turned out to be a misogynist – sexually objectifying and denigrating you beautiful women – but I would say he actually hates himself more than he hates women. He is trying to take away from your beauty and strength as bigger ladies because he himself feels so small and insignificant. What a parasite. But you would have seen through his act in no time! Bring on date #5! Woooooo! Yeah gurlll xx

    1. Hi Simone, he seemed so nice in real life. I did NOT see this coming. If there was a line up of 10 guys I would never have picked him for this drama. Who knows who this email is really from (someone suggested it might be him pretending to have a girlfriend in order to get his ex back?) I’ll never know but “I got 99 problems and he won’t be one!”

    2. Ha ha WOWSERS! I love that Simone :) Yeah onward and upward to date #5!

    3. P.S Your blog Shedding Lite is awesome!!!

  2. I will speak as a true Aussie here – what a wanker! Feel for you Kelly..

    1. ha ha thanks for the Aussie pep up! This is not the worst thing that happened to me today. At least I still have 46 more chances.

    • Amanda wright
    • June 24, 2014

    I’ve only just started reading your blog but its fab as for this guy what a tool!!!!! Well done to her friend for standing by her.

    1. The jury is out on who actually wrote the email but there was ‘evidence’ attached and they had his real name correct! If it was her friend then I agree.

  3. sweet experiment or not no one deserve to be a joke date an it’s cruel of him to do this he need a bigger set of balls or a 2×4 up the side of the head good luck in your up coming dates xx

    1. I didn’t necessarily feel like a ‘joke’ but he presented himself very differently to what has since come to light. BUT it is via email so who knows what the real story is on this one. I never heard back!

    • Jennifer Woodard
    • June 25, 2014


    Well at least you found out what type of guy he was early on, you could be in the current girlfriends shoes and find out months later. Be thankful, dust off and keep moving.

    Good luck and remember to have fun.


    1. Jennifer – If there was a line up of 10 guys I would NEVER have picked Drew to do this! Took me by surprise.

  4. O.M.G. Are you sure you aren’t staring in a sitcom?

    1. LOL yeah but I didn’t even know it!

    • Baldwint5
    • June 26, 2014

    Holy sh!t – my jaw is on the floor.

    • Lisa
    • June 29, 2014

    I adore your blog (and sent you a message on facebook). It was Drew’s loss though. You had a good time, and our still on your own mission.

    • Anita
    • July 5, 2014

    Omg Kelly…. what a douche.. and even when we talked about this date you mentioned something about hope he doesn’t have some scheme going. Well… this is a social experiment.. it will not all be flowers and peaches. I think you knew that going into it. I like that you followed up with this and revealed the after math which I can assume is not easy. You’re really being an open book and not holding back. Im proud of you.
    On a great note… you got 54 dates to go. wooo!

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I'm Kelly Glover. Welcometo Big Curvy Love

Follow my 50 Fat Dates below.

I'll e-mail you every time there's a new date.

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