Date #17 The Plumber

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50 Fat Dates: The Plumber

I always say you have to ‘get out there’ because a man isn’t going to come knocking at your door. Well, I may have to eat my words on that because today a man literally knocked on my door! I just arrived back in LA after spending a month in Australia and things weren’t going well. Virgin Australia wasn’t letting me on my flight, when I finally got to LA my car wouldn’t start, then my toilet started gurgling stinky swamp water. I was waiting at the bus stop to go to Pep Boys to pick up my car when the plumber called saying he was on his way.

Turns out Eduardo the plumber was friendly and worked well with a hose (yeah I went there LOL.) The swampy toilet water issue was bigger than expected and he worked on it for more than two hours. He was all sweaty and all I could offer him was an Angry Orchid apple cider. Since i’d been out of the country for a month I had no food and I couldn’t offer him tap water considering the potential swamp factor. He finally finished up and offered me a ride to Hollywood & Vine as it was on the way to his next job. His van smelled like a the aftershave section in the department store. So nice!

We chatted for a while and it turns out Eduardo is a budding real estate mogul. He owns a house in Culver City and is looking to buy an apartment block next year. Good for him! I love a man with entrepreneurial spirit and an early eye on retirement and wealth building.

Eduardo had told me about his mechanic Oscar, so I gave him my card to contact me with Oscars details and said I’d send him some great real estate podcasts to listen to. I hadn’t even arrived home when I got a call and a voice mail from him.

Who says you can’t have a date literally show up at your door? What a great welcome back to LA.


50 Fat Dates Recap 

My Outfit: Dress via Gwynnie Bee

His Outfit: Dark blue plumber uniform.

Meeting Place:  My Hollywood apartment

Beverages: Angry Orchid apple cider from my fridge.

The Conversation: Toilets, pipes, tree roots, swamp smell, real estate and fixing cars.

The date lasted: 2.5 hours

The date ended: When he dropped me off at Pep Boys.

Second Date? He called and left a voicemail. I need to call him back.

  1. What happened with your friend? The accidental date? Did you have another date with him?