50 FAT DATES: Meeting The Real Life ‘Hitch’

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Plus Size Dating50 Fat Dates follows my quest to find Big Curvy Love (girlfriend’s in her thirties and looking for a man…don’t judge.)  I’ve challenged myself to go on 50 dates over the course of  one year and share my dating stories, plus size dating tips and lessons learned. 50 Fat Dates kicked off on Valentines Day so if this is your first visit make sure to catch up!~Kelly

Plans for my 50 Fat Dates quest  are well under way and this week I’ve been invited on Sherry Lee Meredith’s talk show  Go Curvy to chat with real the life Hitch for women, Brandon Aki.

Remember the movie ‘Hitch’ with Will Smith, Kevin James and Eva Mendes? I’ve posted the trailer above if you need to catch up. Anyways, its a romantic comedy starring Will Smith plays a professional dating consultant  ‘Hitch’ who teaches men how to woo women. They call him the ‘date doctor.’

Real life hitch Real Life Hitch for Women

In this case Brandon Aki has switched it up and is teaching single women how to succeed in dating men. He’s a former Air Force Pilot turned Courtship Consultant (hopefully he still kept his sexy uniform for some at home Top Gun fun!)  Brandon gives advice to women on how to understand men and dating from a male perspective.

Can’t wait for some plus size dating advice from this real life Hitch. If you’re wondering if I’m going to ask Brandon if he’s single and wants to go on one of my 50 Fat Dates with me (of course I am!)

Go Curvy is live online Thursdays  just click on Go Curvy for the live feed and follow on Twitter.

2:00 PM PST/ 5:00 PM EST (USA)
10:00 PM GMT (UK)
8:00 AM AEDT (AUS) (Friday morning)

Are there any other questions you’d like me to ask Brandon when I’m on the Go Curvy Show this week? Comment below :) ~Kelly



Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness. contact@bigcurvylove.com
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    Wow, that sounds really exciting. Have fun. I hope he has just the right 50 guys for you!

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