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Until now plus size bridal boutiques have been as rare as hen’s teeth. I’ve even heard of plus size brides having no gowns to try on  at the store due to the sample sizes being far too small.  These curvy brides have been forced to literally hold up a wedding dress in front of their body and blindly order a size without actually having a real sense of what it would look like on their plus size body. So other than having your dress custom-made the question is:


I was faced with this question a few weeks ago since one of my closest friends Tamara is engaged, I’m helping source bridal stores. Tamara is a beautiful plus size bride-to-be  and rather than being excited to try on wedding gowns, she was really nervous because she thought the sample sizes either wouldn’t fit her or would be hideous potato sacks.

It hadn’t occurred to me that plus size bridal boutiques would be so hard to find. I’d seen plenty of gorgeous curvy brides so figured  there were places to buy Plus size wedding dresses. Wrong. Turns out bridal boutiques that ‘specialize’ in plus size gowns are rare, however, I was really excited to discover Della Curva Bridal. They’d only been open one week so I e-mailed and made a Saturday morning appointment at the ‘salon’! Let me say, it really isn’t your average chain or department store feel at all.

Della Curva has their original downstairs store that runs to a 14 and an exclusive salon for plus size brides with samples beginning at size 16 and their range running to a size 30. Tamara had no worries trying her dresses to get a true feeling of what the actually look like on. Apparently bridal gowns run smaller, so you’ll be two sizes above what you normally wear say you’re usually a size 22 then you’ll probably be trying on a 26 at the bridal salon. When you take a look at Tamara in the frocks you won’t care what the number is. We all know its when it comes to plus size brides its about how the dress looks and the fit.

Plus size wedding dresses
Della Curva- Plus Size Bridal Salon

Each bride has a changing suite to themselves with plenty of room. A few people could comfortably fit in but I left it up to Tamara and her lovely consultant to put the dress on so I could watch the ‘reveal.’ In this pic you can even see through the frosted glass at some of the other dresses Tamara had lined up to try on. I’d say during the booking she wore 10-15 plus size wedding gowns that all fit her.

Plus size wedding dresses
Della Curva – Plus Size Bridal Gowns

Honestly, I felt like we were on an episode of  Say Yes to the Dress (except without the family issues) it was just a relaxed time where Tamara could try on dresses without stress. P.S TLC if you want to make a “Say Yes to the Plus Size Dress” you should consider Della Curva!

Normally watching someone try on clothes for hours screams boring to me but I loved every minute of this experience. I’d never been to a bridal store before so the entire experience was new to me.

Plus size wedding dressPlus size bridal gown

Appointments at Della Curva are set for 90 minutes (not sure if that’s industry standard?). During your booking you get your own personal bridal consultant looking after you. Tamara and I went in with an ‘open to suggestions’ attitude and tried on wedding gowns that we originally thought wouldn’t suit her and did. Other styles we thought would look perfect on her looked terrible and didn’t suit her body shape. If you’re making your own plus size bridal boutique appointment I’d suggest trying on loads of different styles and really listening to your consultant.

Plus size wedding dresses
Della Curva – Plus Size Wedding Dresses

As far as I know, DellaCurva is the only plus size bridal boutique in California. I’ve heard of a few others around and am hopping a lot more will pop up over the coming years in major cities. Tamara had a perfect experience and instead of going home disappointed and a choice of ‘best of a bad bunch’ it was the opposite. She found at least four dresses she loved and couldn’t choose between them! FYI the dresses in this post aren’t the finalists (that would spoil the surprise). So if you like these ones imagine how amazing she looks in the others!

Plus size bridePlus size bride della curva

 So that was our morning at Della Curva. Have you discovered any plus size bridal boutiques you want to share with us? List them with your feedback so we can check them out and let other curvy brides know.



Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
    • michelleshubert
    • August 18, 2014

    I got my dress at Della Curva! Life changing experience!

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