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Renee Kelly is our guest blogger aka the PLUS SIZE BRIDE!  Her wedding to Jason is this September and she’s been filling us in on all her preparations from the story of meeting her fiance for the first time, to the proposal, navigating chaotic bridal expos and now her new addiction…WEDDING MAGAZINES ~Kelly

photoEven though I’ve never been a girly girl, and never really dreamed about THE BIG DAY  or THE ONE.  There’s something I feel I must confess. To be very honest it’s gotten a little bit out of control. Not quite Bridezilla  crazy but I can see how some women end up there without even realizing. I’m 100% addicted to WEDDING MAGAZINES!

Just last year I scoffed at the idea of sashes on chair covers! Throw a ring on my finger, fast forward a few months and now I have about 20 bridal magazines weighing down my bookshelf.  Admittedly about 5 of them have been freebies (thanks!) but I’ve spent approximately $15 each on around 15 bridal magazines.

Now wedding details are all I can think about.  Is this the dress am I going to wear? Are those the decorations we should have? How much can I spend on favours for the guests? What shade of blue should we choose for those bloody chair sashes that I now can’t seem to live without?

The wedding magazines are so beautiful. BUT the thing is that there aren’t any PLUS SIZE bridal magazines in Australia. Nope not even one.  I’ve been to a few newsagents and even the library and they can’t find any at all! This really surprised and disappointed me. Especially after  the bridal expos not having plus size brides in their catwalk shows so it makes it a bit difficult for a curvy bride-to-be like me to see what dressed would actually look like! Kelly told me about how she came across  Pretty Pear Bride Magazine but that’s the only one I know of so it seems that plus size brides need to look online for dresses.

However, the bride mags do have nice glossy colourful pictures of anything and everything wedding related which is great! The only problem I have is that majority of the weddings featured are REALLY POSH and that’s not my style or budget.  Apparently you’re meant to have a THEME?  I thought the THEME was WEDDING!! Hello?? People seem to spend $10,000 just on their DRESS?  WTF! Wow.  But all that aside, I’ve gotten some great ideas from these beautiful magazines, too many to be honest. I now find myself going around in circles trying to pick colours and dresses and decorations and THEMES (yes, I know) and more.

And that’s when you realise – the magazines are beautiful, and the ideas displayed within are amazing, but remember to just be wowed by the beauty and keep to your true self when it comes to designing your wedding day.

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
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