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Our PLUS SIZE BRIDE Renee Kelly is at the stage of shopping for BRIDESMAIDS GOWNS for her SEPTEMBER WEDDING to Jason. If you want to catch up on the story so far click here for how they met, here for the proposal, and here for the down low on wedding expos and bridal magazines ~Kelly 

I have four beautiful bridesmaids in my wedding party and these lovely girls  range in size and body shapes.   One may have a booty, one may have a belly, one may have big boobs… and sometimes there’s a combination!  So trying to find dresses that match and suit all four girl’ body shapes has been a mission.  One shopping trip that had me shaking my head and laughing went like this:

I’d found this gorgeous dress that I was in love with and thought would look awesome on all four girls.  I’d had a bit of a hard time finding a shop that had the dress in stock in the sizes we  required to fit all four girls – the biggest we were able to find was a size 10!   Holding the gown up against you is one thing but you really don’t know till you try the dress on.

bridesmaidOne afternoon, I was shopping with my sister (one of my bridesmaids) and we were in another boutique that had the dress we liked   in stock (pictured on the left) but yet again it was  too small.  We were talking to the sales attendant who clearly didn’t want to be at work!  So many times I’ve wanted to do a Julia Roberts from Pretty Woman with these sales chicks and tell them “BIG MISTAKE.  HUGE” whilst waltzing around their store in my much more beautiful dress than what they sell.

Anyway, this sales woman t tells us that to make our preferred dress a size 18 or bigger will cost an extra $150!  UM, EXCUSE ME ?! WTF ?! I’ve never heard such garbage in my life!  Yes… I assure you girls, you’ll have to pay $150 extra for the seemingly  ‘excess’ bolts of  fabric.  These sales people obviously don’t understand that I’m only a size 18 like many women and not 58, right!?

NOT ONE other store had mentioned this “plus size penalty”‘ and I was skeptical of the additional $150 for a size 18 dress.  Even the website advertising the  dress says nothing of the sort.

The next boutique we visited admitted it was the biggest load of piffle she’d heard in her life! Just goes to show – people will try to take advantage of you just cos you might have some hips and can’t get into a size 16.  Ludicrous. So at this point of the wedding prep we still don’t have bridesmaid dresses for the big day!

Have you ever been treated this way in a shop? Have you ever been charged extra for a larger size?

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
    • Liz Reach
    • March 22, 2013

    Wow! I can’t believe how insensitive and rude they were to you! When my brother asked me to be in his wedding, I was so anxious about the dress! His soon-to-be wife stand at 5’1ish and 115 lbsish – how would she even know that I would need plus size? Right? I was thrilled when she and her MOH chose designed Alfred Angelo who carries plus size dresses. Still, I was super anxious about finding something to try on/ordering the correct size, etc. The woman working with me spoke to her manager and told me not to worry, if the dress ends up not being the right size that they would exchange for me without an extra fee. They treated me like a regular sized person. What I thought would be the worst experience has become so enjoyable. Best of all I know that I will look great in a well fitted dress for my brother’s wedding so everyone will truly be looking at them and not his “plus sized” sister!

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