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As a broad footed big girl buying shoes is a nightmare. If I could wear stilettos every day I would but I’ve accepted (and been told podiatrists) that I’m fated to wear flats for the rest of my life.  I understand this is not the case for all curvy women (of whom I’m envious) and our PLUS SIZE BRIDE Renee Kelly has the luxury of rocking a pump. Here’s her story on choosing the WEDDING SHOES~Kelly

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Every girl knows that the saying really should be… “shoes are a gal’s best friend.” As much as we do love diamonds, more of us can afford beautiful shoes!

As a curvy woman, shoes are the one thing that never really discriminate.  Well, mostly.  But you can be almost guaranteed that if you walk into any shoe store, you should find something that will fit you, unlike the hundreds of clothing shops that are blaring out awful tunes like One Direction.  Shoes make a woman feel good about herself, they are versatile and they can make your legs look damn hot!

Now that I have my wedding dress chosen its time to pick out the shoes. Let me tell you I had so much fun going shopping them.  So much so, that I now have two pairs to wear on the day!  image006The first are a lovely deep blue high heel, suede and chiffon, from my new favourite store ZU SHOES.

They are gorgeous and the two best parts… they were ON SALE and even though they make me REALLY TALL , I’m still eye to eye with my husband-to-be, Jason,  so I won’t be towering over him in our wedding photos (not that that would matter, but I would prefer not to).  I love them so much they will stay in their beautiful little box til the big day and have a special place to live in our house.image002

But, as they are very high and I am such a big baby when it comes to wearing heels for more than say 20 minutes, I went back to Zu Shoes and bought a second pair… a much more suitable white bridal pair with some gorgeous bling on them.  These have a lower heel and will be my “MINGLING AND DANCING” shoes.

thongsAlthough, I do have plans for a THIRD pair of shoes (well kind of) for the dancing part of the night – I plan to have a basket of flip flops (rubber sandals/thongs/jandals, depending on where you are from) with a sign saying “DANCING SHOES” to give free to my wedding guests. (I got this idea from one of the 25 Bridal magazines I read in the planning  process).

Now… back to being a curvy girl and her shoes. I have recently embarked on a new lifestyle  where I have cut all grains, wheat & sugar (apart from the occasional piece of fruit) from my diet.  I won’t preach about it unless anyone wants to know more. Anyways, the result has been that I am, well, shrinking.  I don’t aim to be an Australian size 8 or anything like that (however a 12 would be lovely!!) but a surprise effect is that my feet are also getting smaller!My shoes I’ve worn for years don’t fit me anymore.

Even when I was a clothing size 12 my feet were still a size 9, sometimes 10.  But the last few weeks have seen all my size 9 shoes become too big.  Even old shoes that have not stretched in a long time.  My friend at work, Megan, is stoked about this as she is a size 9 and will probably get a few relatively NEW pairs of shoes as a result of my downsized feet… a weird phenomenon but one I’ll take gladly – any excuse to shoe shop is a great one for me! So, now I have the dress and shoes. More on my October wedding prep coming soon !


Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.

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