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I went to NTB for an oil change on the 1st. The guy working inside that day (Todd) was super cute and charismatic. I was the only customer so we talked and laughed while the garage was changing my oil and rotating my tires. Todd made the point of asking if I was off the rest of the day and telling me he’s off Mondays and Tuesdays. When I left he said, “Now if your oil and tire sensors don’t reset in 20 miles bring it back and I’ll personally check them out. Don’t forget, I won’t be back until Wednesday.”

Friday rolls around and my tire light is still on. I went back to NTB but a different guy was inside working. While I’m in the waiting room, Todd walks in and says “Hey you came back!” and gave me a super big, tight, bent-me-backwards cheek-to-cheek hug. He said he’d check out my car and that he was glad to see me. BUT when they were done with my car a different guy brought me my keys and Todd was nowhere to be seen.

I worked myself up to call NTB the next morning and asked for Todd. We spoke on the phone and he was the same charismatic guy I hadn’t stopped thinking about all week. I asked if he’d like to go out for a drink sometime and prepared for the worst. He said yes!! Actually, he said “Yea, sure, that would be awesome! What’s your number so I can call you?” Todd said he was getting off at 8 that night and asked if that was too late. I told him “Not at all, but I’m heading to Austin tonight for the football game. call or text me and we’ll set it up.” I was very hopeful.

It’s Friday. I’ve not even received a text from him. What gives? He sounded really into it. Did I miss a signal? Did I misinterpret something? What should I do??

Susann Pickard

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