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I love me some Fat Amy (Relatable Quotes) on Twitter. Mainly because I’m fat, the tweets are hilarious and most of what’s posted has either A) happened to me or B) I’ve thought it at some point in my life. I realize this is a parody account but its still super fun and brings up a lot of good points relating to plus size dating. Here’s some of my recent fave Fat Amy tweets:



I reckon the crew over at Pitch Perfect,  and Rebel Wilson  would approve of this Fat Any Twitter account, however here’s a  Tweet I didn’t laugh at (not because I think its rude or wrong but because its true!)

I’m sure a lot of women on the plus size dating scene either have (or had) the same mindset of doubt and negativity when it comes to men showing interest in them. Here’s what my mind used to tell me:

1) He’s a ‘wingman’ keeping me company while his mate tries to pick up my friend

2) He’s only talking to me  in order to hit on my friend

3) He must think ‘fat girls are easy’ and will sleep with anyone

4) His friends have dared him to chat up the fat chick aka me

Fat Amy

If a guy actually was interested  he never stood a chance because I wouldn’t believe him. This bad attitude would turn him off and he’d move on which turned my negativity into a self-fulfilling prophecy.   Once my attitude changed my plus size dating life changed too. What’s your opinion on the Tweet?~Kelly




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  1. I COMPLETELY agree with you, though I haven’t been able to break that thought process of “Of crap, is this for real?” I’m just not sure how to get there, yet. :(
    It’s so hard, especially after being single for *so* damn long and having my heart broken one too many times. :/

    • Hi Sheena, I just thought back to the turning point for me. Once I decided to be body confident (I had to fake it at first) only legit guys approached me. Maybe the confidence scared off the douche bags and they didn’t want to mess with me? Give it a try and let me know how you go :) Kelly

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