PLUS-SIZE PIN-UPS – Christmas Gift Idea

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Remember when glamour shots looked like this?

Now they look like this:

Phew! I’m so glad we’ve moved on from that 1980s Vaseline lens look. Now we’ve reverted to the 1940s and 50s look which is perfect for us curvy women. No more weird face and chest-upward shots! The voluptuous vintage and pin-up style photographs allow us to flaunt what we have in sexy full body shots. I’ve wanted to do one of these shoots for ages and you can even do them with your girlfriends or sister. The outfits and poses are always flattering for every size.

Seems like a fun Christmas gift if you’re looking for a cheeky photo to give your man or maybe he’d like to give you the fun photo experience for a big girly day out. If you timed it well you could do your shoot in the day and go to your special event that same evening (wedding, party or whatever) with your hair and makeup already done. Impressive.

To find photographers in your area just do a quick Google search on “Vintage Photo shoots” or “Pin-up photography.”  They usually supply the outfit, props/studio scene and do your hair and makeup.  A full photo shoot can be a bit pricey but its one of those one-time-only occasions so why not splurge? Although, they can be very popular and you may have to buy your photo package and book in your shoot date well in advance.

Make sure to check out the websites before you book as they usually have a pretty good catalog of ‘looks’ and samples of their work. Also, ask about their costume and shoe sizes.

Have you done a Pin-up shoot? Let us know who you used and how your shoot went! 

Photo Credit 1 – BEXTERITY

Photo Credit 2- BOOGIE BOP DAMES


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