Plus Size Retro Dresses

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Are you a fan of plus size retro dresses? As much as I like the style I can’t see myself getting the full hair and makeup done on a daily basis and living the pin up doll lifestyle. However, I do really like fancy dresses that I can incorporate into my every day life and wear to work or a quick trip to the shops.

As a plus size pear shape it seemed the majority of the retro style dresses seem to require  a lot of boobage and quite honestly I just can’t come up with the goods in that department. Yup, I’m a card carrying member of the itty bitty titty committee! I had previously tried many of the pin up style dresses on hoping that i’d find one that worked for me but I was never able to never pull off the look. This is why I’m such a big fan and paying member of the monthly plus size wardrobe rental service Gwynnie Bee. I spotted a few plus size retro dresses on the Gwynnie Bee site by Canadian brand  Cherry Velvet and was excited to receive them in the mail to wear.

There are the classic pin up dresses to choose from as per usual but I decided to go with designs that were more ‘retro inspired’ to see if that option worked better for my shape. It did!  Here’s a fun one with tea pots.  I quite like the sweetheart neck line as you can tie it (felt like more boobage to me.) The scoop back is nice too. Next time i’d choose to jazz this dress up with more accessories and a different hair style (I even forgot to wear lipstick in this pic!) Like I said I was really just wearing it as an every day item.

Gwynnie Bee

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Plus Size Retro Dresses

The other thing I quite like is that Cherry Velvet brings out multiple prints in the same design so if you find one you like then you can grab a bunch in the size and style you like and have a few prints. I’m a convert to pockets in dresses too btw! This one has a peek-a-boo neckline with bow tie, three-quarter sleeves, and A-line skirt. You can’t quite see in this pic but the polka dots are purple (which I love.) Scroll down to see the fabric close up.

Aussie Curvesf

Aussie Curves

And now for my  all time fave from Cherry Velvet.  I was quite obsessed with the purse dress. This is the first one I received and couldn’t believe it A) fit me and B) suited my shape. Its an A-line dress with scoop neck and knotted cutout in back. I always have to wear dresses cut under the bust and this one has a sneaky band underneath for an amazing fit. This comes in lots of different prints and I wore this on Go Curvy and blogged about it in an Aussie Curves outfit challenge post too.

Aussie Curves Favouite Piece Back

So, the moral of the story is that if you think plus size retro dresses are only for super glam pinup photo shoots (like I did) then this is another option for you. You can either try these with Gwynnie Bee or order direct from Cherry Velvet. P.S If you get the purse one please promise me that you’ll do a twirl! ~Kelly xoxox

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  1. I know what you mean, I don’t wear make up except for special occasions so a lot of the pin up styles just make me look really washed out. I love the polka dot dress, purple is so underused in fashion!