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Day #1 of Plus Size Pole Dancing class and I was ready to go after my pole dancing preparation.

I ended up wearing black leggings with a little skirt over the top which was fine. If there was a role for a ballerina with a big booty in the Black Swan movie it could have been me. I loved this sign in the pole dancing studio (kind of like please don’t feed the animals sign at the zoo) which basically says you’re a beginner and don’t know what you’re doing yet.

Even after an hour class and flinging  around the slippery silver pole there’s no way I could teach anyone else. The professional pole dancers definitely make it look much easier than it is. I’m already walking with a limp-like-a-old-school-pimp! Thankfully there’s no chub rub (which is my nemesis) but a I’m pretty sure a big bruise is brewing on my curvy calf. To be honest I don’t mind this as its proof I was there trying my heart out and have a result. 

I learned pretty quickly that if you want to be a proper pole dancer you need to turn up every week and work, work work. I’m always hearing of bachelorette and hen’s parties with women doing pole dancing but you won’t be doing a high class routine after just an hour on the pole its more of a taster to see if you like it and want to go back. In saying that there were first time plus size pole dancers who did an amazing job and were able to lift themselves up and spin around the pole in the first lesson. Unfortunately, I didn’t have those spinning skills as a first times so stayed on the ground.

Plus size pole dancing

A few things to consider is how slippery your hands will get when on the pole. It’s really important to get a grip (literally) and some of the professionals wear pole dancing gloves and others use a spray to help. I’ve also seen a lot of the girls wearing pole dancing ankle protectors to help prevent bruising.

So can big girls do plus size pole dancing? Yes! I saw it with my own eyes but unfortunately its not this fat girls forte. I’ll stick to my beloved spin class when it comes to plus size fitness. If you don’t want to go to a class and buy your own pole for your house (sexy) then you can buy them here. This pole is portable and holds up to 250lbs/113kg and this pole up to 300lbs/136kg.

If you want to watch the best plus size pole dancing video then you need to see this.


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