Project Harpoon Your’e Idiots!!

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Well the idiot of the week award goes to the Instagram account  Project Harpoon. They claim to “support the movement of being in shape and normal!”

Basically they Project Harpoon uses pics of plus size gals and photoshop them into skinny versions of themselves.WTF! They go to the extent of splitting one woman in half to make two separate people. As if the pics aren’t insult enough Project Harpoons uses gross captions too  e.g  “from manatee to mermaid,” while a picture of a woman on the street is captioned: “Now this is a true looker in disguise. From double wide to a possible bride, being thin could do wonders.”

The person behind the page is anonymous! Well duh, they’re too scared to say who they are and writes, “If I offend 1000 people but inspire 1 to lose weight and live a longer happier life then ya that’s fine by me.”

Haters gonna hate I guess.

My fave Aussie gal Rebel Wilson has been hit by the Harpoon.

  Tess Holliday has also  been lampooned by the Harpoon.

Even Mama June cops a serve!

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