My Response to Fat Girl Tinder Date Video

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I’m fat, I date, and I’ve never had anyone walk out on a Tinder date with me!

Here’s the ‘Fat Girl Tinder Date’ video by male dating site Simple Pickup that has gone viral. The scenario is “what happens when someone’s Tinder photos don’t match them in person?”

A women has bikini pics posted on Tinder then shows up on a fat suit. Add in a hidden camera and you have a viral vid on your prosthetic chubby hands.

My Response to ‘Fat Girl Tinder Date’ Video

As someone who is a size 22 (without a fat suit) and in the midst of going on 50 Fat Dates over the course of a year (check out the dates so far here) I have been on plenty of dates with guys who are interested in me as a plus size women. When I see this video I am not offended and I don’t believe that it represents me or the men who date me.  I choose men who choose me. When people see this video they look to me expecting a negative angry response but I’m not offended and here’s why:

Firstly, I understand this is a hidden camera ‘social experiment’ video designed to insight a response with a skinny/ fat switcheroo. Basically they want people to say “wow look at how horrible these guys are to a fat girl.” This video doesn’t mean guys don’t (or won’t) date a fat chick but that these particular guys aren’t interested and don’t like being deceived (who the hell does?) Obvious online dating etiquette is that  what you see in profile pics is what you get in real life. Ain’t nobody got time to be fooled.

Make no mistake, Tinder is a looks based hookup app with very little user profile information. I can understand why these guys are angry and annoyed at their interaction when fat suit Sara showed up in place of slim bikini girl Sara as seen in her profile pictures. Tinder isn’t about meeting the love of your life but more about a one night stand. I’ve heard of women do the same thing to men if they show up a foot taller than they stated in their profile so really what’s the difference?

This video is not about how guys treat big girls in the online dating world or proving that guys hate fat chicks, its about how guys treat liars. Some guys are attracted to big girls and some aren’t but you need to be a true representation of yourself and Sara just wasn’t and didn’t own it thinking it was a small deal when in fact it is a big fat deal. This is about attraction and deception.

Sure, the “you must like to eat” comment was a bloody rude but that guy was the only one who stuck through the entire date. The guy leaving to go to the bathroom and not coming back was gutless and a show of his character more than anything else. However, the ones I respect the most are the men who said this isn’t for me and gave feedback that she didn’t look like her picture.

Don’t buy into the message that guys aren’t attracted to fat chicks (some are some aren’t) or that if you go on a date you will be treaded like crap because you are plus size.  Take away from this that guys aren’t attracted to deception and always show who you are right now.

P.S Simple Pickup did the same experiment with a guy in a fat suit and the women were much nicer. Many are saying that this is a comment on the different ways men and women treat each other on a first date. Here’s the video to that one:

Are you offended by this video? What do you think? Leave your comments below and lets get a discussion going with everyone’s point of view!

Kelly Glover is an Australian living in Los Angeles and created this plus size fashion blog as a place for curvy women to get info and advice on plus size dating, celebrity and fitness.
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    Enjoyed reading your point of view on this. Cute blog!

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    I thought exactly the same: if I’d been in those guys situation, I would’ve definetly said something. Not rudely, of course, but it’s not nice been deceived like that… And then I watched the fat suit dude video.

    Women were waaaay nicer to the fat suit guy for no reason and they were deceived as well. Personally, I didn’t enjoy his personality. I would have left, fat suit or not. I didn’t find him funny or interesting, wich is very important for a one night stand, since there’s not much to do while you’re not fucking than just talk to each other. :p

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    I was more offended they couldn’t bother to find actual plus size men and women and articulate their experiences. Being plus size doesn’t mean you can’t find a partner (or a hookup); sometimes you get more attention than your counter parts. I personally love Tinder because I feel it’s the most honest of the dating apps out there. You either swipe right or left because you’re into them. That’s it. No long boring tests to determine compatibility or pay a gross amount of cash to be matched with someone you probably aren’t really compatible with (or attracted to).

    We’re out there, dating, getting engaged, married, or hooking up with whomever we feel like, whenever we want – I guess that’s the biggest shock? lol

    • matt
    • November 21, 2014

    Except there’s a bunch of neurotic idiots scanning the photos and judging things other than attractiveness that don’t even exist in reality. Like Oh he has a mirror selfie? He must be vain. All the pics were taken by him? Oh he must not have any friends. His opening line didn’t really ‘grab me’. >_< So stupid.

    • chana
    • January 23, 2015

    Just catching up with this. Yeah, I thought those guys’ behavior was appalling. Nobody owes you a particular body. Nobody’s “broken a contract” if they show up with a body that’s different from the one in the photo. You’re not meat, you’re a person. If I’d been on a date like that, sure, I’d be surprised, but I’d also figure that something like, who knows, life happened — maybe a medical condition, a medication, who knows. If the person were prone to big weight swings without some medical basis, I might worry about mental stability, but otherwise — how is this my business? She certainly didn’t owe them any explanation.

    Beyond that, they treated her horribly. Would it have killed them to have been polite and had a cup of coffee before saying, I’m sorry, I think you’re very nice, but I don’t think we’re really hitting it off?

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  5. Reply

    I’m offended by the chin the fat suit gave her.

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