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Whitney Thore: ‘My Big Fat Fabulous Life’ Reality TV Show

A fat girl dancing

We first met Whitney Thore when her Fat Girl Dancing YouTube video went viral in 2014, amassing more than 5.7million views to date ,and now we’ll be able to follow her on the new TLC reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life! Her reality show My Big Fat Fabulous Life follows Whitney’s life in Greensboro, North Carolina as she […]


Whitney Way Thore in Muffin Top Music Video

Fat girl dancing

Remember the fat girl dancing video that went viral starring Whitney Way Thore?  Now there’s a hot new music video where radio producer Whitney is showing off her signature dance moves. Check out  Muffin Top by fitness instructor Fitty Smallz! Whitney’s Fat Girl Dancing video led to her launching her No Body Shame campaign. I love her […]

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