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Podcast 014: Plus Size Dating w/ Cupid Cupid Course Creator Krista Niles

Plus Size Dating

I’m single and have been on a quest to go on my 50 Fat Dates and share my personal experience. This episode of the Big Curvy Love podcast we chat with Krista Niles who is a therapist and dating coach. By day she runs a psychotherapy practice in Oakland and by night has been working on […]

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What is this Cowboy’s Ideal Date?

READER SUBMISSION: I’m currently in a relationship but I remember the trials and tribulations of dating. The following tale is not mine but that of a co-worker and not for the faint of heart ;) She lives in a rural area of Arizona where the dating opportunities are scarce. She’s a single mom and took a job working […]

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Curvy Cougar Country: The First Impression

Curvy Couger Country

READER SUBMISSION: Curvy Cougar Country A little bit of insight from a one curvy cougar to another. Online Love: The Era of Romance? Chapter 2: Here’s The ‘Skinny.’ The other day I was messaged by a very hot guy. Super hot, you know the kind, slightly dishevelled hair, dreamy eyes and just enough hint of […]

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Curvy Cougar Country: Online love: The Era of Romance?

Curvy Cougar Country

READER SUBMISSION: A little bit of advice from a one curvy cougar to another. Chapter 1: Lets Get Started Let me just preface by saying I love the idea of love. Hell, I’ll shout it from the roof tops. Notting Hill – Julia Roberts and I could have been sisters (in my mind). From Here […]

Plus size dating

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