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Reader Submission

What is this Cowboy’s Ideal Date?

READER SUBMISSION: I’m currently in a relationship but I remember the trials and tribulations of dating. The following tale is not mine but that of a co-worker and not for the faint of heart ;) She lives in a rural area of Arizona where the dating opportunities are scarce. She’s a single mom and took a job working […]

Reader Submission

Curvy Cougar Country: The First Impression

Curvy Couger Country

READER SUBMISSION: Curvy Cougar Country A little bit of insight from a one curvy cougar to another. Online Love: The Era of Romance? Chapter 2: Here’s The ‘Skinny.’ The other day I was messaged by a very hot guy. Super hot, you know the kind, slightly dishevelled hair, dreamy eyes and just enough hint of […]

Reader Submission

Curvy Cougar Country: Online love: The Era of Romance?

Curvy Cougar Country

READER SUBMISSION: A little bit of advice from a one curvy cougar to another. Chapter 1: Lets Get Started Let me just preface by saying I love the idea of love. Hell, I’ll shout it from the roof tops. Notting Hill – Julia Roberts and I could have been sisters (in my mind). From Here […]

Reader Submission SINGLE LIFE

Single Girl Saturday: I Drive Myself to Dates

Single Girl Saturday

READER SUBMISSION: I’m a Latina 41-year-old single mom of two.  This story is from 1 year after ending my marriage when I was 33. Back during these years there was “phone dating” lines also known as “party lines” as internet dating had not hit.  This was in the last years of texting only phones and not […]

HOW I MET MY HUSBAND Reader Submission

How I Met My Husband: Amelia’s Story

Amelia Abshire

READER SUBMISSION: My husband and I met on Craigslist. I know I know very silly and probably a one off. But like many curvy girls carrying a little too much weight and moving to a new city I didn’t know many people and guys that liked my size were even fewer and far between. I […]

Plus size dating

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