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I’ve never been to a “Big Girl Night Club” (mainly because they don’t exist in Sydney) but now I’m based in Los Angeles I’ll take a chance and test out some Plus size night clubs for you and report back on my experience. Sure, lets say it’s “all for you” my Big Curvy Lovers but maybe I can get a date out of it too? Although, meeting the love of my life at a night club is slim (even though the clientele including myself isn’t).

I recently posted this article I spotted in the UK Telegraph; “Why has someone set up a club night for ‘fat women’ in London?” it’s all about Club Indulge in London. Overall, I found it to be a rather positive article and I hope my Big Girl Saturday night out in LA  is just as good!

Club Bounce is a Plus Size Club night at La Fonda 2501 Wilshire Blvd LA 90057. Entry is $10 before 10pm  and $15 after, however, the good news is this week is Zodiac night and because I recently celebrated my birthday, this chubby Cancerian gets in for free before 10pm! Yes, that’s the price of two drinks. Score!

From the outside Big Girl Clubs seem to be a ‘BBW scene’ but the best way to find out what its really like is to choose my fave plus size dress, put on my ‘flat’ party shoes and show up.

Have you ever been to a Big Girl Night Club? What do I need to know before I show up?

Club bounce

Club bounce, big girl night club

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  1. I wouldn’t mind goin to the club with him if he’s willing to go. When I go clubbing I’m not looking for a man I go with friends and have fun dancing so I guess that’s why I would be ok if he went with me